What’s Rumtopf?

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Rumtopf is a German dessert made by preserving a variety of fruits in rum and sugar for a few months. It can be served with ice cream, cheesecake, or pudding, and can also be used as a cocktail ingredient. Some fruits, such as apples and bananas, should be avoided.

Rumtopf is a traditional German rum-soaked fruit dessert made from fruit, sugar, and strong rum. The word can be translated as rum pot and is served during celebrations or special occasions. The dessert is basically a variety of different fruits preserved in rum and heavy-duty sugar for a couple of months. The fruit slowly absorbs the rum and sugar and becomes totally saturated with the liquid. While it’s easy enough to make, it needs to be left to ripen for a few months to acquire its specific taste.

The tradition of creating rumtopf began centuries ago as a technique for preserving fruit for long periods of time. Fresh fruits of that time, especially freshly picked first fruits, were used to create this dessert. Mostly, these were strawberries, but now, with the year-round availability of fruit, rumtopf can be made at any time. Traditionally, a large stoneware pot was placed in a dark, cool environment during spring. The fresh fruit is layered in the pot along with the sugar and very strong rum.

He will make sure that the fruit is completely immersed in the alcohol: the high concentration of alcohol and sugar is responsible for keeping the fruit from spoiling. The fruits are left in rum and sugar for a couple of months and checked from time to time. They typically change color during this time. More fruits are also added to the rumtopf as they come into season.

You need to be patient to enjoy this delicious dessert because the fruits need time to absorb the rum and sugar. At the end, after about two or three months, the liquid acquires a fruity taste and can be drunk as such. Alternatively, the fruits along with the syrup can be served with waffles and ice cream or cheesecakes or puddings.

It can be served in an elegant glass, artfully decorated with whipped cream. The liqueur also works well as an after-dinner cordial, or it can be combined with some champagne and served as an enticing cocktail. The fruit in the rumtopf can also be served hot on top of pancakes or with flan.

Some like to have rumtopf with any game meat dish. Some of the fruits used to make rumptopf include cherries, apricots and pineapples. Peaches, pears and plums are also good additions. Strawberries are one of the more traditional fruits used to make this dessert. You can also add grapes, raspberries and nectarines.

Some fruits don’t make good additions. Fruits to avoid are apples that acquire a strange texture, rhubarb, which sours it, and bananas, which make it soggy. Blackberries and blueberries should also be avoided as they can discolor all other fruits and make the whole mixture bitter. Melon and watermelon are also poor additions because they make the liquor too watery.

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