What’s sandblasting?

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Jet cleaning uses mechanical energy to blast cleaning materials onto a surface. Sandblasting is a common technique using materials such as sand, glass, and steel grit. Professionals can provide effective cleaning and select the appropriate method and abrasive, but equipment rental is an option for confident individuals.

Jet cleaning is a cleaning technique in which mechanical energy is used for cleaning, with cleaning materials directed at a surface to be cleaned with a powerful blast of mechanical energy. Air blasting is a very common jet cleaning technique used in many regions of the world, and other types of cleaning systems are also available. Some companies offer blasting services, for a fee, and it is also possible to purchase or rent the equipment to perform this type of cleaning yourself.

A variety of cleaning materials can be used in sandblasting, depending on the surface to be cleaned. Some common options are wire scraps, silicon carbide, ice, nutshells, glass, baking soda, sand, and steel grit. These materials are directed onto a surface to be cleaned with the aid of an air jet, a fast moving wheel or similar system. The cleaning device usually offers the possibility to adjust the focus and intensity in order to control the cleaning very precisely.

When a surface is sandblasted with an abrasive material, it is scraped off. People can use sandblasting to remove dirt and other materials, and it can also be used in finishing materials, to remove burrs and other materials that may have been left behind when processing materials. The level of abrasiveness needed depends on the material to be cleaned and the reason for cleaning; a soft stone like what might be used in cladding, for example, needs a mild abrasive, while hard metals can be cleaned with harder materials.

Ice cleaning and sandblasting are two popular and commonly available cleaning options. One advantage of hiring a company to do jet cleaning is that they have the skills and experience and are more likely to do the job effectively and well. They can also select the most appropriate method and abrasive for the conditions, minimizing the risk of damage or other problems. Businesses also have access to the highest quality cleaning equipment, which can be better than what can be bought or rented independently.

However, people who feel confident can do their own air jet cleaning. Equipment rental is a good option for most people, as it gives them access to good equipment without requiring a large outlay of money. When renting equipment, people should confirm that it is well maintained and ask if there are any specific recommendations or warnings that should be followed while the equipment is in use.

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