What’s shop fitting?

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Store tuning involves configuring a store’s interior to meet the owner’s needs. It can be expensive and may require hiring specialists. The process includes space assessment, design layouts, installation, and flexibility for future changes. Quick service options are available.

Store tuning is the process of configuring the interior of a store to meet the needs of the owner and various users. Some owners can take care of their own installations, while others hire specialist consultants and companies to provide this service. For franchises and chains, the parent company may send a specialist to service each branch to ensure it conforms to the overall look and feel the company wants customers to associate with. Store fitting can be expensive as you may need to purchase accessories, displays, furniture, and decorative elements.

The first step in this process is a space assessment, complete with detailed measurements and an assessment of stationary walls and other equipment. With this information in hand, you can start roughing out design layouts. These should take into account the purpose of the store. A retail clothing store, for example, needs large, airy spaces with space for navigators, as well as dressing rooms, counter space and storage. A hardware store needs a very different look.

These interior design drawings can be very detailed and will include specifications for counter tops, shelving and other materials. The designer can also consider color schemes for decor, what type of art should be present in the space, and other features. Once the blueprints are ready, the installation of major appliances can begin. Store fixtures can include repainting walls and floors, installing window displays, and other activities in the store space.

As the store is assembled, minor changes may need to be made to meet design concerns. The design also usually creates some flexibility to allow the owner to reconfigure the space in the future. For example, a store owner might want to run on racks to change the look and appeal to customers. Store fitting designs must accommodate these changes with furniture fixtures and design features that will look good in any store layout.

This process can take days or weeks, depending on the size of the store and the amount of work required. No inventory can be moved into the store until the fitting is complete, and so the owner has an incentive to finish it quickly so he can open his store to the public. Some store fit-out companies offer quick service and can complete the process of getting a space ready for use in a weekend. Others may need more time for custom projects and other considerations.

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