What’s Software Dev?

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Software development is the process of creating new software or updating existing ones. It involves research, planning, coding, and testing. The process can involve a single programmer or a large team. Ongoing development can continue after launch to fix bugs and introduce improvements based on user feedback.

Software development is the process by which a company, team or individual develops and implements a master plan to create a new software program. This process can also be applied to an established program to create a new version of that software, although this is usually a scaled-down version of the process, unless the new version is vastly different from the previous one. Many steps are involved in this process, starting with understanding what is needed from the software, developing a plan for building it, writing code, and testing for bugs before launch. Software development can be a process involving anything from a single programmer to dozens or hundreds of individuals.

The software development process usually begins with research or a general understanding of the type of software needed in the market. This could be a completely new program that addresses an unmet need or new software in an existing market. At the beginning of development, this research establishes the scope of the software being developed and the overall development goals.

Once those involved in software development have a goal for the program they are working on, they can begin developing the plan for implementing that software. Typically a lot of work is required before creating actual code, especially for aspects of a program such as the user interface and core architecture. The graphic designers, interface developers, programmers and producers of a large team can all be involved in this stage of development.

Software development then typically moves from these early stages of brainstorming ideas to create the overall structure of the program to actually writing the code for the software. This implementation typically involves one or more computer programmers, and the source code is created in any number of different applications, programming languages, and other utilities. During and after coding, a large amount of testing is typically required to ensure that the program works properly and is as free of bugs, glitches, and errors as possible.

Ongoing software development can continue even after a program has been written, tested, and launched to the general public. Such development may serve to fix bugs found after launch or introduce minor improvements and some new features. User feedback can also be used to gather information about ways the program could be improved in a broader sense. This feedback can then be used to restart software development on a new version of the program, which may offer features and utilities not present in the previous version.

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