What’s Sopa Seca?

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Sopa seca is a Mexican casserole made with chicken, cheese, tomatoes, and dried pasta. It can be made spicy or mild and is often served as a family meal. Fresh ingredients are important and it is relatively cheap to make. Recipes can be found in Mexican cookbooks and online.

Sopa seca is a type of Mexican casserole. Although the casserole’s name literally means “dry soup,” this dish isn’t soup at all. The name sopa seca is believed to come from the cooking process required to prepare this dish. Sopa seca starts out as a kind of oozy concoction, although the liquid within the concoction eventually dries up, creating a saucepan-like consistency.

As with most classic comfort foods, there are many different versions of sopa seca. Basically, this dish includes tomatoes, chicken, cheese and dried pasta. The preparation involves browning the noodles, mixing together a tomato-based sauce, simmering the chicken pieces in oil, adding a large amount of cheese, usually mozzarella, and cooking the whole dish for twenty to thirty minutes.

Because this type of Mexican casserole is widely versatile, it’s possible to make this dish extremely spicy. Likewise, it’s easy to adjust this dish to suit those who prefer a milder sauce. Throughout Mexico, this type of casserole is often served as a family meal. In most cases, younger children like this dish due to the simplicity of the casserole. In addition to making an excellent and relatively simple family meal, sopa seca is also a satisfying leftover dish.

Some people serve Mexican casseroles of this type with cream. Others prefer to eat it without any kind of accompaniment. While casseroles of this type are found throughout Mexico, most North American Mexican restaurants do not serve noodles of this type. Those looking to try this type of casserole can find many different recipes in Mexican cookbooks and online.

The important thing to remember when making this Mexican casserole is to use fresh ingredients. The spices should be whole, the chicken used in this recipe should be properly cleaned and rinsed, and the tomatoes used to make the sauce base should be ripe. Sausage or ground beef can be used in place of chicken when creating this dish, though these meats should be browned before adding them to the dish.

Many people enjoy making sopa seca, as this dish is relatively cheap to make. The ingredients included in this dish can be found at just about any grocery store or farmers market, and most of the ingredients aren’t expensive. Traditional recipes include Mexican noodles called fideos, although any type of small, thin noodle, such as vermicelli, can be used.

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