What’s Space Ads?

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Space advertising includes advertising in space and related to space, with limitations imposed by many nations. Companies use space advertising to attract customers and investors, including through souvenirs and marketing campaigns. Intrusive space advertising is banned due to concerns about visual pollution and safety hazards. Mounting large, visible advertising in space is a significant challenge.

Space advertising is advertising in or related to space, including outer space and near-Earth orbit. On Earth, this advertising includes a variety of products and services. Many nations have imposed limitations on placing advertising materials in space, claiming it is a resource for all human beings, not a commercial venue. Some countries have laws that specifically prohibit in-space ad placements or limit the nature of these placements. This legislation is mostly anticipatory, passed in the expectation that it might become an issue in the future.

Companies offering opportunities like orbital spaceflight run advertising to attract potential customers and investors. These companies use spatial advertising to spread their messages and connect with the potential market. This type of space advertising can also include sales of souvenirs related to space missions and various services, such as space burial, that a company may make available. They may use advertising companies to design and place advertisements in publications such as magazines and newspapers, and they may also have other types of marketing campaigns such as viral marketing to build brand awareness.

In space itself, space advertising includes placing promotional materials on space vehicles as well as on uniforms and equipment. Some countries with spaceflight capability are more prone to such publicity than others. An advantage of space advertising is the possibility of generating income to finance space exploration by sponsoring various companies. Companies can also apply for opportunities to film in space for promotional opportunities.

Intrusive space advertising is a term used to refer to advertising materials that would be visible from Earth. Many countries have banned this due to concerns about visual pollution, as well as other potential issues such as the risk of a space billboard breaking apart and posing a navigational hazard. Science fiction novels occasionally employ advertising as a plot device. Readers can find advertisements on the moon or billboards floating in space to attract consumers.

Mounting large, visible advertising would be a significant challenge. A company would have to develop an advertising platform that would withstand the harsh radiation in space and remain in orbit in order to be visible. The size would have to be substantial to be visible from Earth. Advertising materials would also require significant maintenance, including a plan to safely and reliably de-orbit the ad. These hurdles make intrusive space advertising an unlikely proposition.

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