What’s Talking Computer Software?

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Talking computer software can provide audible and spoken output for users, including text-to-speech and interactive programs. These programs use pre-recorded speech information to generate speech, and are often used to assist those with special needs. They can also be used to create more interactive software applications, with the potential for speech recognition technology.

Talking computer software is a type of program that can provide output information for a user in the form of audible and spoken words. These programs can be used for a variety of reasons, including text-to-speech programs that allow a user to type words and hear them repeated as a spoken voice. There are also desktop and computer control programs that can create an interactive experience for users through voice input and output. Talking software is often used to make computer use easier and more effective for those who may have special needs, including people with low vision.

Regardless of the purpose of a particular talking computer software program, the function of that software is often the same. These programs are developed with a large amount of speech information, usually pre-recorded words and sounds, which can be assembled by the computer as a string of words or phrases for audio output. This database of speech information is then used by the program to generate speech. Some types of talking computer software are capable of generating speech more organically, through computerized voices that do not sound strictly like people but are capable of generating a certain amount of inflection and variation in speech.

One of the more common uses of talking computer software is in developing text-to-speech programs that can generate audio output based on user input. This type of program allows someone to type words into a dialog box or other input region, which are then spoken aloud by the computer program. Someone who is mute or otherwise speech-limited, for example, can use this program to type text spoken by the computer. Other talking computer software can be used by blind or visually impaired people to have information on websites or other computer applications spoken aloud.

There are also developments in talking computer software to create more interactive forms of software applications. A talking desktop program, for example, can be used to turn a computer into a virtual assistant with speaking and speaking interfaces. Speech recognition software can be used with this type of talking computer software to allow someone to talk to a program to trigger different processes and the program can then respond in response. This type of software is still under development, but the potential exists for much more interactive and rich user experiences with both software and hardware.

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