What’s the 8th chakra?

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The eighth chakra is located above the head and serves as the energy center of the chakra system, protecting the physical, emotional, and spiritual body. Opening it brings spiritual awareness and personal growth, while a closed chakra causes disconnection and hindered growth. Chakra treatments include exercise, essential oils, gemstones, and meditation.

The eighth chakra is located 24 inches (61cm) above the crown of the head and functions as the energy epicenter of the entire chakra system. The purpose of this chakra is to protect the physical, emotional and spiritual body. Also known as the aura, it serves as the root of all divine energy and compassion flowing through the system.
From a physical point of view, the eighth chakra, unlike the other seven major chakras, does not reside in the body. Instead, it hovers above the upper body, above the crown chakra located at the highest point of the head. Chakra healing experts believe that this chakra can be glimpsed through the third eye and resembles a globe filled with light with a slightly orange radiance.

During the opening of the eighth chakra, the individual experiences a powerful spiritual shift. This brings with it a new spiritual awareness that embraces everything in an individual’s life and can bring about great personal, professional, mental and emotional changes. An open chakra of this type helps the individual see their interconnectedness with all of life and opens a portal to deeper spiritual and creative understanding.

Those with a closed chakra will experience the opposite effects. They will feel disconnected and cut off from the rest of the world, they will not feel part of a larger community. The individual will also experience emotional, spiritual and creative blocks which hinder his growth. A closed chakra separates a person from his true calling.

Chakra treatments for the eighth chakra include several healing options. The chakras benefit greatly from exercise, just like the physical and emotional bodies do. A popular exercise for balancing or opening the chakras involves standing upright with feet slightly wider than hips-width apart, arms extended out to the sides at shoulder height. With the left palm facing up and the right palm facing down, one imagines that they are absorbing all the sun and light of the universe, absorbed through the navel and radiated through the limbs.

Neroli, the essential oil from the bitter orange flower, is the flower essence most associated with the eighth chakra. Gemstones such as clear quartz, clear citrine, and selenite also accompany the eighth chakra and can work perfectly with its energies. Meditations on the chakras, such as visualizing the body as a radiant mass of white light, are also helpful in opening and balancing this chakra.

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