What’s the Bermuda Triangle?

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The Bermuda Triangle, located between Bermuda, Miami, and San Juan, has seen many mysterious disappearances of ships and planes since 1950. Despite scientific explanations, the mystery remains unsolved, and the area remains a concern for those who pass through it.

The Bermuda Triangle, or Devil’s Triangle, is the name given to an area of ​​water between Bermuda, Miami, Florida, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Within this space, many planes and ships have mysteriously vanished. The mystery began in 1950, when a small article appeared outlining the strange disappearances of ships and planes in the area, and it was given the name the Devil’s Sea. In a 1964 report, Vincent Gaddis named the area after himself more famously.

One of the more famous disappearances in the triangle occurred in 1945. Flight 19 was a squadron of five naval bombers, all of which allegedly disappeared while flying over the area. The two planes that had departed to rescue Flight 19 also disappeared and were never found. Warships such as the USS Cyclops and the Marine Sulpher Queen have also disappeared without a trace.

Another disappearance was that of Donald Crowhurst, who was attempting a round-the-world trip. A large ship carrying minerals also mysteriously disappeared in the area after just three days at sea. An official statement from the US Coast Guard said repeated search attempts were made, but no traces of the missing planes or ships were ever found.

The popularity of the phenomenon reached its peak in 1974 with the publication of the book by Charles Berlitz, “Bermuda Triangle”. A film of the same name was also released around that time. Since then many articles and books have been published trying to give scientific explanations to the mystery, and some of the explanations have been more than credible.

The body of water where the disappearances occurred is notorious for tropical storms. Many of the reports at the time state that ships and planes were lost in calm waters, but weather reports checked as they often disagree with these reports. Additionally, the water area under the triangle has large areas of methane gas eruptions. These eruptions create areas of gas unable to support the weight of a vessel.

Lawrence Kusche, a reference librarian at Arizona State University, has led a lengthy investigation into the mystery. His conclusions cast doubt on many of the disappearances. Crowhurst’s journals suggest that she was suicidal as she sailed around the world. An area of ​​the sea off Japan has the same strange magnetic elements as that of the Bermuda Triangle, and many disappearances have occurred there as well.
There are also a number of discrepancies in the reports of Flight 19’s disappearance. The squadron is said to have been manned by experienced pilots flying in calm weather. In fact, the flight was a training exercise for the students and the weather had turned stormy. Last contact with the planes stated that they were low on fuel. It is likely that the planes crashed and none would have survived the rough seas.

For all of Kusche’s credible explanations of the disappearances, one mystery remains: none of the crashed planes were ever recovered. As a mystery, the Bermuda Triangle is one that may never be solved. It is certainly an area that worries those who pass through it.

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