What’s the Dimension Stone?

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Dimension stone is natural stone cut to specific size or shape guidelines using techniques such as trimming, grinding, or drilling. It is chosen for its texture, color, and durability, and used for aesthetic effects in construction. Techniques used to harvest dimension stone include cutting, burning, and controlled explosives. After separation from the rock face, the stone undergoes finishing treatments to achieve desired effects. Dimension stone can be used in construction as veneer or for decorative or utilitarian purposes, such as countertops or stone tile.

In building and masonry, dimension stone is any natural stone that has been precisely cut to meet specific size or shape guidelines. Stone cutting can be done using trimming, grinding or drilling techniques. The raw material stone is usually chosen for its texture and color durability. After shaping and treating, Dimension Stone is used to create aesthetic effects in building, design and construction. Any type of rock can be used, although granite, marble and sandstone are common, as well as limestone and slate.

Dimension stone is different from crushed stone used, for example, in gravel walkways, although they can both be harvested from the same quarry. Each piece of Dimension Stone should be a uniform size and shape, while individual crushed stones may vary. Instead of simply being hurled off the rock face using high-powered explosives, dimension stone must be harvested using techniques that can be more precisely controlled. These techniques include cutting, burning with piercing torches, and the carefully controlled use of light explosives.

After separation from the rock face, large stone slabs are cut into the required shapes. The resulting dimension stone can then undergo a process known as finishing, which involves treating the stone to achieve a desired aesthetic effect. Common finishes include polishing to make the rock glassy and reflective, sandblasting to a rough, pitted texture, and flaming or using heat that is sometimes strong enough to change the stone’s color.

When used in construction, dimension stone can take many different forms. Because stone is expensive, many buildings that appear to be made of stone are actually clad in stone only. Veneer refers to large slabs of stone attached to a backing. It is mostly ornamental, although it does add a layer of insulation to the structure.

Dimension stone can also be used in smaller quantities for decorative or utilitarian purposes. Stone countertops are a common example. They are usually made of granite, although slate or some other material may sometimes be used. Decorative stone tile used for floor and wall treatments is also a form of dimension stone. Any monument or gravestone also falls into this category, as long as it is made of stone and not concrete.

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