What’s the Rose Bowl?

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The Rose Bowl is a popular college soccer competition held on New Year’s Day as part of the Tournament of Roses Festival. The event includes an extravagant parade and football game, both televised and watched by millions. The first game was played in 1902, and the location has changed over the years. The teams that play in the Rose Bowl are rated according to the BCS system, causing some controversy.

Americans love their soccer, including college soccer. The Rose Bowl is a competition between the best varsity teams and is usually scheduled for New Year’s Day, as part of the Tournament of Roses Festival. This event includes the popular Tournament of Roses Parade, which has become not only a much-loved tradition, but an increasingly extravagant event. The parade features elaborate floats made from rose petals, and there are various other activities during this celebration, not least the Rose Bowl game.

A popular nickname for the Rose Bowl is “The Granddaddy of Them All”. The overall event grew so quickly that people as far away as the East Coast started to know about it. Today, the Rose Bowl parade and football game are both televised, and millions of people from coast to coast tune in to watch both events each year.

The first Rose Bowl game was played on January 1, 1902. That first contest started the tradition of New Year’s Eve as a great day for football, which it continues. Various details have changed over the years, including the location of the Rose Bowl. The first games were played at Tournament Park, before Rose Bowl Stadium was built nearby in the early 1920s. The Rose Bowl began as a contest between a team from each conference that today are known as the Big Ten and the Pacific Ten, or the “Pac-10.”

There is some controversy regarding which teams will play in the Rose Bowl, since the inception of the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) system. Teams are rated according to the BCS, which means that on some occasions the champions of the season will not be the teams that meet in the Rose Bowl. However, that hasn’t kept fans away or stopped viewers from tuning in. Indeed, in January 2006, when the University of Southern California lost to the Texas Longhorns in a huge upset, that year’s Rose Bowl was cited as the highest score for any college football game in nearly 20 years.

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