What’s Three Card Monte?

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Three Card Monte is a game of cheating played with three cards and a wager. An inside man deceives a mark with the help of an outside man. The game is played on the streets and relies on sleight of hand. The most popular trick used is “the roll”.

Three Card Monte is a cheating game similar to the game of shells. It is a set of three cards and usually a wager of some money. In three Monte cards, a con man, known as an inside man, deceives a victim, known as a mark, with the help of an outside man. The trick is often performed on an unsuspecting sign through sleight of hand by the inside man. It is also known as triples, marney threes, shuffled threes, and threes.

A game of confidence, Three Card Monte is best performed when the brand gains confidence in its ability to win or confidence in an outside man. The outside man is usually an accomplice of the inside man, a fact unknown to the target.
Three Card Monte is played with three playing cards. Any card can be used, although Aces and Queens are popular choices. The Ace of Spades, a favorite card of many, is a card often used by dealers for its lucky connotations. Companion cards can also be any card, although they are usually also cards with pictures and a different face than the target card.

The “game” is executed when the dealer shows the sign of the target card. It is then placed face down on a table with the other two cards and shuffled on the table, in sight. The sign must then correctly identify the face down target card to win the game and the bet. However, through sleight of hand, the card believed to be the target card by the mark is revealed wrong and the stake is lost.

A three-card monte game relies on the action of other people and the tricks of the inside man. Games are often played on the streets and in basements or dealer’s bars with friends. Friends pretend not to know the dealer and act as winners or losers in the three card game. Winning will boost the unsuspecting target’s confidence, and losing will make the target believe they can outlast the losers in what appears to be an easy task.

The most popular type of three card trick used by the dealer to deceive the sign is “the roll”. The roll is done with a sleight of hand where the selected card is incorrectly revealed to the target. When the Sign chooses a target card that he believes won his bet, the dealer takes all three cards, two with one hand and one card with the other. The two-card hand must include the chosen one, which is usually the correct target card.

A loser card is picked face down, then a winning card is picked face down with the same hand. The winning card and the chosen card should now be under a losing card. The dealer then turns over the first losing card from his hand, face up on the table. The trick is for the dealer to give the illusion that it was turned up from below, and that it was therefore the chosen card. But the top card was a loser card and the trump card remains in the dealer’s hand. The brand has lost its bet and is none the wiser.

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