What’s Tuna Tataki?

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Tuna tataki is a Japanese dish made with thinly sliced and lightly seared raw fish, usually garnished and served with a dipping sauce. It is prepared using the tataki method and can be made with any variety of tuna, best with a thick fillet. The dish is typically served with side dishes and a dipping sauce.

Tuna tataki is a Japanese dish. It is a type of sashimi, which is thinly sliced ​​and lightly seared raw fish. The fish is usually garnished and served with a dipping sauce. In many recipes it is also covered with a crust of sesame seeds before searing.

Tataki refers to the method of preparation, means poked or hammered. It doesn’t refer to the fish, but rather the way the ginger that typically seasoned the dish is mashed into a paste. In Japanese cuisine, different types of dishes and meats are prepared using this method. It is believed to have been developed by a samurai in the 19th century inspired by the way Europeans grilled meat.

While it can be made with any variety of tuna, many chefs recommend using tuna sushi or sashimi. The dish is best prepared with a thick fillet, which is located at the tail end of the fish. For the best results, it’s also advisable to buy the freshest fish possible.

Although tuna tataki can be cooked without prior preparation, some cooks will coat the fish with sesame seeds. These tend to stick better to the tuna when smashed first. Tuna fillets can also be seasoned with salt and pepper before cooking.

The tuna is placed in a hot pan with a small amount of sesame, peanut or vegetable oil. It is then lightly seared, usually on all but two sides. The fish is ready when only the edges and a small edge of the fillet are browned. Most fish will still be glossy and firm, with a dark, pinkish-red hue. Once cooked, the tuna is cut into thin slices.

Tataki tuna slices can be served in many ways and with many different types of accompaniments. It is typically served with side dishes such as a wedge of lime, lettuce, radish sprouts, and thin slices of pickled ginger. The dish can be served alone or with noodles, rice, or with sushi and other varieties of sashimi.

A dipping sauce is also often served with this dish. One of the more popular options is ponzu sauce, which is sold in bottles. Other types of sauce typically paired with tuna tataki include ingredients such as ginger, lemon, and soy sauce. Wasabi or wasabi mayonnaise can also be served with fish.

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