What’s Urban Hiking?

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Urban hiking is hiking in a city environment, allowing people to explore points of interest, find new places, and eat at local restaurants. It’s a great way to learn about a city, even for those who can’t get to natural areas. Maps and suggestions for interesting routes can be found online. It can be done alone or in groups and is beneficial for networking, new parents, and people with high-maintenance dogs.

Urban hiking is a form of hiking that takes place in an urban environment, rather than in nature. During such a hiking expedition, people can explore points of interest around the city they hike, find new and interesting places in the region, or stop to eat at local restaurants. Depending on how the trip is organised, it may only take an hour or so, or it may take up the better part of the day.

There are so many reasons to organize an urban excursion. People who are new to cities sometimes enjoy urban excursions as a way of getting to know where they live, as these trips can help people learn the lay of the land and the grid of streets. It’s also a great way to learn your bearings in relation to local landmarks, and when the trip includes an experienced native, can be an introduction to great places to eat, hidden city parks, and other spots that might be of interest.

Some people choose to go on urban hikes because they can’t get to the natural areas, due to lack of time or transportation. Rather than not going out at all, these individuals can go out and about in their environment. It also sometimes appeals to people who have trouble hiking natural trails, such as people in wheelchairs, people with children, or people with disabilities that make walking the full distance difficult, who may want to hike part of the way and then give up and take public transport home.

Various urban hiking trail maps can be found on websites that cater to residents of specific cities, along with suggestions of interesting routes and places to see. A well-planned journey, even through a familiar neighborhood, can often reveal things that were previously unknown to day-trippers, and can be an interesting insight into the daily lives of people living in other regions of the city.

People can go on urban hikes alone or in groups, and a wide variety of distances can be chosen for the route. Some people find weekly excursions through the city to be an excellent networking tool, using them to connect with friends and colleagues they might not otherwise see. Urban hiking can be especially beneficial for new parents, who sometimes struggle to find kid-friendly destinations, and for folks with high-maintenance dogs, who prefer to take their dogs along to social events whenever possible .

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