What’s water aerobics?

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Aqua aerobics is a low-impact exercise that takes place in a swimming pool and burns more calories than traditional aerobics. It is suitable for those with joint injuries and can be modified for beginners. Precautions include sunscreen and consulting a doctor before starting.

Aqua aerobics can also be called aqua aerobics or aqua aerobics. It’s basically comparable to an aerobics class set in a gym, but instead takes place in a swimming pool. Some aquagym classes are suitable for non-swimmers, while others include portions of lap swimming.
The principles behind water aerobics are twofold. Traditional aerobics classes place significant stress on the body because your feet land on hardwood or, worse, concrete floors. Aqua aerobics, as it takes place in water, means less impact on bones and joints. Also, water aerobics is a little more work for the body because you have to move your body through the resistance of the water, which burns more calories, faster. A thirty-minute jog on land will burn about 240 calories, while the same jog in the water will burn about 100 more calories.

Aqua aerobics is often part of an exercise regimen for those who have sustained bone or joint injuries, but to get the maximum benefit from such exercise, it must be practiced in waist-to-shoulder deep water. The farther your upper body is from the water, the less impact reduction there will be. Aqua aerobics done in water at least to the waist or chest will significantly reduce the impact on the legs, reducing some of the unwanted side effects of regular aerobics classes such as shin splints. However, deeper water also requires harder work to move one’s body through water resistance.

A disadvantage of water aerobics is that the instructor has less of a clear view of what the pupil’s arms and legs are doing, especially if the instructor is teaching the class while standing outside the pool. Incorrect positioning can make the exercise less effective because the instructor cannot walk around the student and correct him.

Aside from this disadvantage, water aerobics is a great way to pursue fitness goals and uses very similar movements to traditional aerobics classes. If you’re familiar with regular aerobics, water aerobics shouldn’t be too difficult to master. Instructors can often modify lessons for beginners or those with injuries so that initial workouts aren’t too difficult.

There are a few precautions to take before jumping into the pool for a first lesson. If the pool is outdoors, sunscreen is recommended. Find an extreme sport, waterproof sunscreen, as it will require sunscreen that won’t wash off when exposed to water or sweat. You should also consult a doctor before starting any type of exercise regimen, particularly after an injury, surgery, or illness.

Also, it’s prudent to choose a class that is beginner-level or one that welcomes students of all fitness levels. Too difficult a lesson can discourage newcomers. You may also want to check if the water aerobics class requires deep water swimming. If one is not a good swimmer, find a class that does not have this requirement.

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