What’s weight training?

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Weight training builds muscle and burns calories using gravity as resistance. Free weights or machine weights can be used, with machine weights being considered safer. Combining weight training with cardiovascular training is recommended for optimal results. Gradually increasing weight and setting consistent goals is key to success.

Weight training is a calorie-burning, muscle-building technique that relies on gravity to provide the necessary resistance. Weight training is sometimes called strength training, and the terms can be used interchangeably. For those wanting to embark on a weight training routine, there are a number of important things to keep in mind.

The most critical item when it comes to this type of exercise program is weight training equipment. For the most part, the design is relatively simple. Free weights can be used, such as dumbbells, and lifting these weights will build muscle and burn calories over time. Machine weights are another option. The machines will keep the weights well stacked, allowing the user to focus all of their energy on the actual lift.

While machine weights can be more expensive, they are considered by many to be safer. If they fall, they just go back to their place. They are not in danger of falling onto the person lifting them or anyone else. Additionally, most weight machines have electronic monitors to help users maintain proper form, and some even track goals. In some ways, it can be like having a virtual personal trainer.

When people look to start an exercise program, weight training often takes a backseat to cardiovascular training for a number of reasons. However, most personal trainers recommend using both together to achieve the best possible results. Using only one at the expense of the other will achieve less results.

The key to effective weight training lies in the number of repetitions you perform. To build muscle mass, your weight training routine must include a heavier load than your muscles are used to handling. This will allow them to increase muscle mass over time. In general, the rule of thumb is to make the weights heavy enough that you can barely complete your desired number of repetitions while maintaining good form.

As with any new exercise program, weight training will take some time to start showing results. Those who are new to the program should not try to do too much at first. This could put too much stress on the body and lead to injury. Having consistent goals and gradually building a pace to reach those goals is the best strategy. Also, to avoid injury, it is recommended that you stretch and warm up before you begin.

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