What’s White Metal?

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White metal is a term for lighter colored alloys used to make a variety of items, including jewelry, machine components, and decorative pieces. It is affordable and easy to shape, making it popular for crafting. It can also be used to make inexpensive flatware and bearings.

White metal is a broad term used to describe any type of metal that is lighter colored alloys. A number of fancy names for these types of alloys, including Christian metal, are common in many different cultures. As a group, white metal alloys can be used for a wide variety of applications, including creating ornaments, decorative pieces, and different types of novelty items.

There are several benefits of using white metal in manufacturing different goods. Since many of the metals are cheap, the cost of raw materials is kept to a minimum. Also, many of these metals are very easy to shape and work in general. This makes it easier for crafters to create interesting pieces by using punching, bending and shaping, and other methods to get designs for items that are both attractive and affordable for almost anyone.

White metal of different types is often used to make different types of jewelry. This applies to both the more expensive pieces and inexpensive trinkets. The metals can be used alone or in combination with different types of natural and man-made stones, and even with some plastic components, depending on the nature and design of the piece. Along with jewelry, it’s not unusual for white metal to be used in the creation of inexpensive plated flatware that has the look and feel of more expensive stainless steel cutlery.

Metal of this type can also be used in making different types of machine components. White metal in the form of some type of lead or tin based alloy is often used to create various types of bearings for use in heavy equipment and other applications such as wheel bearings in bicycles and similar consumer items. Various types of plugs common to manufacturing equipment can also be made using alloys of this type. Since the items are relatively cheap to produce, they can be replaced when needed without creating a large expense.

Several other types of goods, such as medals and plaques, can be crafted using the white metal. Simple holiday ornaments can be made using white alloys as one of the elements. Figurines for use in home and office decoration are often mass-produced using different metals that fall under this particular classification. Wall art such as metal tapestries and other decorative items can also be made inexpensively using the alloys, allowing people to enjoy a variety of accents in the home, without incurring a significant amount of expense.

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