Which EU nation buys the most weapons?

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Greece is the largest importer of conventional arms in the EU, including fighter planes, submarines, and rockets. Greece has the highest military spending as a percentage of GDP in Europe. The US is the largest exporter of weapons.

Greece is the largest importer of conventional arms into the European Union. Conventional weapons are weapons that are not considered “weapons of mass destruction” and include military defense equipment such as helicopters, submarines and fighter planes as well as projectiles, rockets and missiles. In recent years, purchases have included more than two dozen fighters, 15 rescue helicopters and six frigates.

More defense spending facts:

As a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP), Greece has the highest overall military spending of any European country in 2010.
Greece is not only the largest European importer of conventional arms, but also the fifth largest importer in the world.
China and India are the largest combined importers of conventional arms in the world. The United States is the largest exporter, exporting more than 30% of the weapons exported worldwide.

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