Which team earns the most in sports?

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Real Madrid is the highest-earning sports team ever, with over $592 million USD in revenue in 2010. The revenue comes from broadcasts, matchdays, and advertising. FC Barcelona and Manchester United follow, while the New York Yankees spend the most on player salaries. Real Madrid spent $120 million on transfer fees for Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Real Madrid soccer team is the highest-earning sports team ever, earning more than $592 million US dollars (USD) in 2010 – more than 30% more than the New York Yankees. Revenue comes almost equally from three sources: broadcasts, matchdays and advertising.

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The next most profitable sports teams in the world in 2010 were FC Barcelona, ​​followed by Manchester United and the New York Yankees.
Although the Yankees are fourth in revenue, they are first in spending: The average annual salary for a first-tier Yankees player is about $7 million dollars.
Real Madrid, the second-highest-spending player in sports, isn’t far behind: The average salary of its front-row players is just over $6 million, but they broke sports records by spending $120 million. in transfer fees to get Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United.

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