Why choose Winsor Pilates®?

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Winsor Pilates is a form of Pilates that strengthens the core while toning the body, often advertised for weight loss. It can be done at home with instructional videos. Developed by Joseph Pilates, it was originally for rehabilitation. Winsor Pilates uses a Sculptural Circle and Dynamic Sequencing. It’s not ideal for aerobic exercise, and a separate diet plan is recommended. Videos and equipment can be purchased online or through Guthy-Renker Corp.

Winsor Pilates® is a form of Pilates developed by Mari Winsor and marketed by the Guthy-Renker Corporation. It builds on the techniques taught in Pilates with the intent of strengthening the core of the body while simultaneously sculpting and toning. Advertisements for Winsor Pilates® often tout its weight-burning capabilities; people have varying degrees of success when it comes to losing weight with Winsor Pilates®. For many people, the advantage of Winsor Pilates® is that the exercises can be done at home with the assistance of instructional videos, making it convenient for busy people.

Pilates was developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates, a German man who realized that strengthening the core of the body could lead to more general health benefits. Pilates himself used an assortment of resistance machines for his workouts and worked with people on a one-on-one basis. Originally, the exercises were developed for rehabilitation and were adopted later in the 20th century as an exercise technique. Certified Pilates instructors can be found all over the world and offer an assortment of Pilates classes and one-on-one consultations. Some of these classes focus on floor work, avoiding Pilates machines altogether.

At Winsor Pilates®, people are expected to work on the floor, but they also work with a “Sculptural Circle,” a Pilates tool designed to provide more resistance for the workout. Mari Winsor has also developed a technique called Dynamic Sequencing. This technique works specific muscle groups in a particular order that is designed to maximize the effects of the workout. Winsor says that after several weeks of Winsor Pilates® workouts, people will notice a noticeable difference.

While Winsor Pilates® can certainly be beneficial for core strength and muscle toning, it’s not an ideal form of exercise. Each workout lasts about 20 minutes, and workouts usually don’t reach the aerobic phase, which means your heart rate isn’t elevated. Ideally, athletes should combine a Winsor Pilates® program with cycling, running or other aerobic exercise to maintain fitness. Individuals looking to use Winsor Pilates® as a fat burning tool should also be aware that Mari Winsor has a separate diet plan that she recommends, and that her celebrity clients use a variety of exercise programs to achieve their desired results.

Instructional videos and equipment for Winsor Pilates® can be purchased from the company’s website or through Guthy-Renker Corp. Prices for a starter set of videos vary; if you want to look for a bargain, you can check thrift and resale stores for used copies.

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