Wire strippers: what are they?

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Wire strippers are plier-like tools used by electricians to remove the protective coating from electrical wires. They come in various shapes and sizes, with serrated teeth and rubber-coated handles. They can be self-adjusting and have different functions, including cutting, stripping, and attaching metal staples or fasteners. They can be used on various types of wires and by other professionals besides electricians. To use them, slice the cable jacket, fold back the trim, place the wire into the stripping hole, and slide the tool forward.

When an electrician needs to fix a wire, he can use a pair of wire strippers. A tool that resembles a pair of pliers in appearance, wire strippers allow a worker to cut the protective coating off an electrical wire. This must be done before repairing or replacing most cables.
These tools can be of various shapes and sizes. They are made primarily of steel and feature serrated teeth for optimal wire stripping. The handles can be curved or straight and are usually covered with a rubber coating to allow for a secure grip. Self-adjusting pairs are also available that quickly adjust to the thickness of the cable when squeezed. Wire strippers are considered an inexpensive purchase for professional electricians.

From the hinge to the handle, different functions are available. The cutter piece is adjacent to the hinge itself. It is used to cut the required length of wire, as well as to remove a bad piece of wire. Moving down the handle, there are several notches to indicate where to use the stripper tool for different sizes of wire. This allows the plastic trim to be easily removed without causing damage to the wire.

There are several gauges on the head of the stripper to use for attaching metal staples or fasteners. These can include straight pieces for joining wires, round point fasteners that fit over bolts, and U-shaped fasteners for connecting items in tight areas. There are also interlocking fasteners to use in quick projects.

There are many different varieties of wire that wire strippers can be used on. These can include electrical wires like those used in speakers, home wiring systems, or toys like remote control cars. The wires can be of any material, from copper to aluminum to fiber optic materials.

To use a pair of wire strippers, first slice the cable jacket with a sharp blade or cable warmer. Fold back the trim and trim any extra trim with the tool, then fold back any loose threads. Place the wire into the appropriately sized stripping hole and close the tool handles tightly around the wire, making a clean cut into the casing. Slide the tool forward, pushing the liner off the wire. Then bend the wire into shape, pushing it through the crimp hole to finish.

Wire strippers are used by other professionals besides electricians. They can be used in stereo installation, cable and satellite repair, and general mechanical work. People can also keep a couple of wire strippers around for various home improvement and electronics projects.

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