Best chocolate sauce for ice cream? How to choose?

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Choosing the best chocolate sauce for ice cream depends on personal preference. Supermarkets offer classic options, while home bakers can experiment with ingredients. Gourmet options with alcohol and fruit are available from specialty food purveyors. Mixing different sauces is also an option.

Choosing the best chocolate sauce for ice cream depends on what type of dessert experience you want. Those craving a classic warming sundae may want to check out supermarket perennials for a childhood-throwing dip. The home baker may want to customize a personal recipe through lots of ingredient experimentation. For foodies, check out Specialty Food Purveyors for a truly outstanding list of high-end chocolate sauce for ice cream, including varieties with liquor and fruit additions.

When constructing a sundae, sometimes the best chocolate sauce choice for ice cream plays with nostalgia and familiarity. Classic versions of many sundae toppings are available in most supermarkets, conveniently placed next to the ice cream. White chocolate sauces allow for easy pouring, while hot chocolate sauces may need to be heated to melt. Another popular supermarket option is hardening chocolate sauce for ice cream, which pours evenly, then forms a crunchy shell on top. Dipping ice cream cones in a bowl of hardening sauce is a delicious way to keep ice cream messes to a minimum.

Chocolate sauce for ice cream is easy enough to make at home and can be as simple or as elaborate as desired. To make a basic chocolate sauce, combine the sweet and sour cocoa powder, sugar, a drop of vanilla, and hot water, stirring until smooth. For a decadent home treat that’s surprisingly easy, consider heating heavy cream or half-and-half over low heat in the microwave, then slowly stirring in semi-sweet chocolate chips. Add cinnamon and chili for an ancient Mexican chocolate concoction, or try some cardamom and saffron for an Indian twist. It’s also easy to experiment with different types of chocolate, such as milk, dark, and white, to get the perfect chocolate taste.

A gourmet chocolate ice cream sauce is a beautiful thing, often reserved for desserts and special occasions. A popular way to spice up this treat is the addition of various types of alcohol. Porter beers, whiskey, zinfandel and champagne chocolate sauces are all available from a few artisan chocolate companies. Another common additive to chocolate sauce is fruit, especially early summer fruits such as raspberries and strawberries. Gourmet chocolate sauce for ice cream can be available at high-end markets, baking supply stores, or online.

One final way to make a custom chocolate sauce for ice cream is to mix a base sauce with other popular ice cream sauces. Swirl nuts and mini-marshmallows for a rocky sauce or try combining chocolate sauce with caramel, butterscotch or marshmallow sauce for a double-tasting of flavor. There are very few ways to go wrong when mixing chocolate ice cream sauce with other delicious ingredients.

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