Best DerPinewood axle selection?

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Choosing a straight and precise pine wood derin axle is crucial for winning races. Boy Scouts of America rules prohibit special axles, so ensure the quality of the axles in your kit. Erase manufacturing marks and check for bends or burrs. Use tight-fitting wheels and eliminate wheel sway and friction for maximum performance, but be aware that special axles may result in disqualification.

The most important aspect of choosing a pine wood derin axle for your race car is to keep in mind that the more precise and straight your axle is, the more likely it is that the axle will work the way you want it to, contributing to your winning races. regularly. According to the rules established by the Boy Scouts of America, which sanction pine derin racing, special axles are not allowed in pine derin racing. This means that you will need to make sure that the axles you receive in your Pine Wood Car Kit are of sufficient quality to give you the best possible performance. There are also some things you can do to improve the performance of the axle, such as erasing manufacturing marks and making sure the axle is straight and doesn’t wobble.

Start by removing the wheels and pine axles from the box before making your purchase. Inspect the axles for signs of bends or burrs that could contribute to increased friction or wheel drag. Run your fingers over the point between the axle hub and the tip. It should be uniformly smooth, with no signs of roughness.

Check the rear of the axle hub and you will see two lines. These are manufacturing marks. You can make your car faster by erasing these marks. Making sure they are relatively small will reduce the amount of work you will have to do to get the axes running smoothly.

Slide a wheel onto each axle of the pine wood derin and gently move the wheel back and forth. Rocking during racing adds to the car’s drag, which in turn will slow you down. The wheel should feel tight, but not snug.
Pinch the pine derin axle just behind the wheel to hold it in place, then use your other hand to turn the wheel. If it swings too much, it will catch on your finger and slow down quickly. If the wheel and axle are fitted correctly, the wheel will continue to spin smoothly without wobbling.

In unrestricted pinewood derin racing, your pinewood derin axle can be used to get the maximum performance out of your car. Specialty axles typically use low-friction polished or coated surfaces, include reservoirs to hold graphite lube, and have set-back heads that reduce the amount of contact between the wheel and axle. These pine axles focus on eliminating the sway associated with pine wheels and eliminate friction between the wheel and axle, both of which slow the car down significantly. Using a pine derspecial pin, however, can result in disqualification from competitions if you use them in Boy Scouts of America sanctioned competitions.

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