Best dollhouse wallpaper: how to choose?

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Choosing dollhouse wallpaper is similar to choosing real wallpaper. Consider color, scale, and design. Small prints are best for small spaces. Contact paper or wrapping paper can be used. Self-adhesive wallpaper is easier to use than glue.

Decorating a dollhouse can often be a lot like decorating a real house. Some of the same tips apply. Color, tone, brightness, scale and many other characteristics of dollhouse wallpaper will be similar to the problems that arise when choosing wallpaper for a real living space.
When choosing a color, keep in mind that just like in real rooms, dark colors also make small spaces in dollhouses seem smaller. When seeking the illusion of greater height or width, stripes or other elongated designs help create more depth.

An important thing to keep in mind when choosing your dollhouse wallpaper is scale. You don’t want to select too large prints that overload small spaces. There is a dollhouse wallpaper created with the small scale of rooms in mind. There are also many other sources you can consider for wallpapering your dollhouse walls, but the design of the dollhouse should play a part in your choices.

Also keep in mind that prints that are too large may be clipped onto small walls, diminishing their effect. Half a sunflower may not seem as big as a whole sunny yellow flower, which you’ve envisioned to liven up the small space. You can create your own dollhouse wallpaper using your own designs or by scanning a design into your computer to resize or recolor it to fit your dollhouse decor. Typically, the scale ranges from one inch to one foot (2.54 centimeters to 30 meters). There are also websites that offer free dollhouse wallpaper templates to print.

Wrapping paper or shelf paper, the latter of which is also known as contact paper, can also be good choices for dollhouse wallpaper. The contact paper has a paper covered adhesive backing. You can loosen one corner of the backing and start applying the adhesive paper, pressing the adhesive into the wall, while slowly peeling off the rest of the backing. Always make sure the wallpaper is facing up before placing it. It may sound silly, but many dollhouse decorators have found themselves replacing paper that somehow got turned the wrong way during the application process.

Some dollhouse wallpaper options may require glue. This can be messy and may not be the best option for inexperienced crafters. Dollhouse wallpaper with a self-adhesive backing can be simpler and neater, although spray adhesive is an option.

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