Best football underwear: how to choose?

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Sports underwear for soccer should be made of synthetic fabrics with smooth seams to reduce skin irritation and chafing. Cotton is not recommended as it absorbs moisture. Tagless and supportive options are also important for comfort during play.

Sports underwear is usually designed to keep moisture away from the skin, and soccer underwear is no exception. Synthetic athletic underwear with smooth seams is generally considered to be the best and helps reduce the amount of skin irritation and chafing. The underwear should also offer some amount of support and protection, as well as comfort.
During sports training, such as football, the body has a tendency to sweat. If this moisture stays on the skin for an extended period of time, it can cause skin irritation, especially in the skin folds. It is usually recommended to choose underwear that quickly removes moisture from the skin surface.

Cotton soccer underwear is generally not the best choice. This material absorbs moisture, allowing it to sit close to the skin. Stretchy synthetic fabrics typically make athletic underwear look better. These types of fabrics are generally more breathable and moisture evaporates from the skin more quickly when athletes wear them. This results in less irritation and chafing.

The seams and tags on soccer underwear can also cause skin irritation. Seamless sports underwear is available, but may be a little more expensive than other types of underwear. Flat seams on underwear are another option. These types of seams are stitched so that they fit snugly against the garment, causing less friction and irritation.

In addition to moisture and seams, traditional clothing tags can also cause skin irritation. Unlabeled underwear can help prevent this. Instead of a fabric tag sewn into the garment, tagless underwear usually has garment information and care instructions painted inside the underwear.

Support is another important consideration when choosing the right football underwear. Women should wear a sports bra to minimize breast discomfort and possible ligament damage. These types of bras are typically firmer than regular bras and help keep your breasts in place during sports or exercise.

Men should choose supportive briefs. These types of underwear help keep the male genitalia closer to the body. Some briefs also have a front pocket in which a protective cup can be inserted. A jock strap, which helps support and protect the male genitalia, is another option for men.

You should also make sure that whatever football underwear you choose is comfortable. If possible, you should try it before you buy. Soccer players run and move around a lot, so the underwear you choose should allow you to move freely without binding or pinching.

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