Best running underwear: how to choose?

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Choose snug, breathable, lightweight running underwear with minimal seams to avoid discomfort and chafing. Synthetic materials like Lycra, polypropylene, and polyester are ideal for moisture-wicking and heat retention. Inspect seams and belt for potential irritation. Opt for thin materials for airflow and comfort. Research prices before shopping.

The best running underwear will be snug and breathable. It’s important to choose garments that don’t have bulky or excessive seams that can cause discomfort while running, and the running underwear should be lightweight. One of the primary goals of such underwear is to keep the wearer dry and comfortable in all conditions, so synthetic materials are often used to make the underwear; this material is breathable, lightweight and durable. Be sure to do a little research to find out the common prices for such underwear so you know what to expect when you go shopping.

Breathable running underwear helps keep moisture from building up on your skin. Sweat and moisture on your skin will be wicked away through the fabric, allowing you to stay cool and dry. In colder climates, this type of breathable running underwear will also help your body retain heat. Choose breathable, light and comfortable underwear. The materials used for such underwear may include Lycra®, polypropylene or some types of polyester. Prices vary based on materials and design, so be sure to do some research to find out which material will work best for you.

Seams can be problematic on running underwear, although in most cases they are necessary to ensure a snug fit. Make sure the seams aren’t in places that can cause chafing while running. The seams should be strong, but if they’re oversized, they can end up irritating your skin during repetitive motion. Inspect your underwear to find out where the seams on your body will end up being and try to determine if they will end up irritating your skin. Also pay attention to your belt, as it is a common source of irritation. The wrap should feel snug, but the materials should be soft enough not to cause skin irritation.

Air should be able to reach your body through the running underwear to help keep you cool and dry. Thin materials such as Lycra®, spandex and polyester can allow this to happen. The airflow helps prevent the build-up of sweat that could otherwise cause irritation. Lighter garments will also have less of a tendency to bunch up during repetitive movements meaning the runner will remain cool, dry and comfortable throughout the run.

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