Best hydraulic fluid: how to choose?

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Choosing the right hydraulic fluid for machinery is crucial for optimal functionality and longevity. Consult equipment manufacturer specifications, consider synthetic and reconstituted options, and balance cost with quality to find the best fit.

To get the maximum level of functionality out of your machines, choosing the best hydraulic fluid for that piece of equipment is essential. The process of identifying and selecting the right fluid focuses on understanding the needs of the machinery, the properties of the available fluid options, and consideration of product cost. This will help prolong the life of your equipment and reduce the possibility of costly repairs that can result from using fluids and oils that do not offer the necessary protection.

One of the first steps in choosing the right type of hydraulic fluid is to consult all the information available from the equipment manufacturer. This data will include specifications on the type of fluid to be used, including fluid grade, rating for product viscosity, and any other specific qualities needed to ensure optimum productivity. The goal is to match the properties of hydraulic fluid products with the need to protect machinery from damage due to friction and other problems over an extended period of time. Using these recommendations as a basis for considering different fluid products will make it easier to quickly eliminate any products that do not comply with these basic provisions.

With a clear understanding of the basic characteristics that hydraulic fluid must provide, other factors can be considered that could further improve the performance of the machinery. Here, the focus is on considering synthetic and reconstituted fluid products alongside other options, trying to find products that offer additional protection for the machinery. For example, some synthetic hydraulic oil blends may be formulated for use in older machinery, making such blends worth considering if your business uses production equipment that is several years old. Other times, using a newly manufactured fluid will be the best approach to protect the integrity of the machinery.

As with many purchases, price is also a factor when trying to identify viable hydraulic oil products. While the desire to keep price as low as possible is important in managing operational expenses, cutting corners on quality can result in significant expenses later on. By taking the time to identify different hydraulic fluid options that offer all the qualities you need, verifying the claims of the product manufacturers, and then considering the price of each, your chances of selecting a fluid with the right combination of characteristics and a fair price are significantly improved.

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