Best lounge music: how to choose?

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Choosing salon music involves considering the salon’s style, clientele, atmosphere, and theme. The volume and intrusiveness of the music should also be considered. Asking clients and researching other salons can be helpful.

Choosing the salon music that will be best for you and your clients involves careful consideration of many factors, including the overall style of the salon. Many salon owners and managers want to choose music that is not only appropriate, but creates the desired atmosphere. A high-energy room might want to play popular music, such as current rock, while mellow rooms might prefer peaceful music.

You can determine the type of clientele your salon has, as this can play an important role in selecting the most appropriate music. For example, a salon catering to young customers might want to choose new, modern, or upbeat music. A hall frequented mainly by older people might want to offer softer or more mellow music selections.

It is crucial that the music in the room matches the type of atmosphere the owner or management wants to create. Choosing salon music that matches the company’s theme can also be sensible. For example, a retro salon owner might want to use vintage music selections, while a modern or chic salon wants to play new and popular music. Choosing a genre can also be a good idea. For example, playing only jazz, classical or rock music can provide consistency that your clientele will appreciate.

When selecting lounge music, the volume and how intrusive the music is can be important. A salon owner or manager may not want to make music a focal point for a salon and may choose to use more subtle music that blends into the background. Other salons may choose to make music a main feature, using bolder selections with slightly higher volume.

It can be helpful to ask your clientele what kind of music they like before choosing your salon’s music, as this can affect whether or not a client makes return visits to the salon. Formal surveys can be done on paper during visits or online. Another, perhaps easier, method is to have stylists ask clients if they like the music during a session.

Doing research on the music that other salons use can be helpful. If your hall is located near other halls, it might be a good idea to play different styles of music than your competitors’ music selections. A hall owner or manager may also want to visit other halls to get an idea of ​​the kind of atmosphere created by specific types of music. Internet research can also be helpful, as some salon websites discuss the type of music played and the reasons for playing it.

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