Music: Workout Distraction or Advantage?

USA Track & Field banned athletes from using earphones during competitions in 2007. Studies have shown that music can improve performance by helping athletes ignore pain and fatigue, increase endurance, and improve metabolic efficiency. Fast-paced songs with strong beats, such as hip-hop, rock, and pop, are the most popular types of exercise music. Apps like […]

Best lounge music: how to choose?

Choosing salon music involves considering the salon’s style, clientele, atmosphere, and theme. The volume and intrusiveness of the music should also be considered. Asking clients and researching other salons can be helpful. Choosing the salon music that will be best for you and your clients involves careful consideration of many factors, including the overall style […]

Best free running music? How to choose?

Choosing the right free running music involves selecting tunes that complement the unique form of stunts and are at the right tempo and volume. The music should inspire the routine and can be selected from various genres and formats. Choosing the best free running music involves understanding the nature of this unique form of stunts […]

Best free running music – how to choose?

Choosing the right free running music involves selecting tunes that complement the unique form of stunts involved. Tempo, volume, lyrics, and format are all important factors to consider when selecting music for free running routines. Choosing the best free running music involves understanding the nature of this unique form of stunts and choosing specific tunes […]

Best Music Therapy courses: how to choose?

Music therapy courses can vary in techniques used and are beneficial for those interested in becoming professional music therapists. Accredited programs are recommended, and certification exams may be required. Cost and prestige are also important factors to consider. To choose the best music therapy courses, it’s probably a good idea to determine your goals. For […]

Why Nashville is “Music City”?

Nashville, Tennessee, located along the Cumberland River, is known as “Music City” due to its history as a center for the music industry. The Grand Ole Opry, broadcasting since the 1920s, has been a launching pad for country music stars. Music Row is home to major publishers and producers, and the Country Music Hall of […]

How to become a music tutor?

Music tutors teach individuals or groups about playing instruments, music theory, and history. They can work formally at schools or colleges, or informally with clients. Qualifications vary, but generally require accomplished musicians or degree programs. Tutors may work at universities, schools, or independently. A music tutor teaches individuals or groups of students how to play […]

Best music for Pilates? How to choose?

Choosing the right music for Pilates can enhance your performance. Consider the movements and goals of your workout, and try different genres. You can find free music at libraries or use DVDs with built-in music. Don’t be discouraged if it takes time to find the perfect arrangement. If you’re regularly completing a Pilates workout, the […]

How to be a music librarian?

Becoming a music librarian requires specialized training in librarianship and music, as well as additional skills depending on the work environment. This demanding job involves a broad skill set, including archival courses and knowledge of cultural and historical context. Passion for music, organization, and cataloging skills are also necessary. Someone who wants to become a […]

Music supervisor’s role?

A music supervisor selects and licenses music for various productions, including films, TV shows, musical theater, video games, and commercials. They require creative skills to enhance the mood and story of the production and must work with licensing companies to secure permission to use specific songs. Music supervisors can work for movie studios, advertising agencies, […]

Best indoor cycling music: how to choose?

Choose your favorite songs for indoor cycling, with slower-paced ones for warm-up and cool-down, and upbeat ones for the middle. Compile different themes and genres to keep it interesting, and avoid depressing music. Singing along can be motivating. The best indoor cycling music to choose for your workouts should be your favorite song that inspires […]

Types of music sharing programs?

Music sharing programs include peer-to-peer file sharing, subscription services with digital encoding limits, and pay-per-song software. Free programs may contain viruses and illegal downloads, while paid options offer legal and convenient access to music. The different types of music sharing programs are peer-to-peer file sharing programs, monthly subscription music sharing programs, and file sharing software […]

Types of jobs in music industry?

Competition for jobs in the recording industry is tough, but internships with record labels or related companies can lead to future employment. Jobs include sound engineers, talent agents, web designers, studio assistants, and marketers. Studio engineers install and remove equipment, record sound, and troubleshoot recording systems. Marketers create graphics and digital content for artists and […]

Best online music theory classes: how to choose?

When choosing online music theory classes, students should review the syllabus, check for visual and auditory examples, self-test features, good music terminology, communication with the teacher and other students, general course schedule, transfer credit, teacher qualifications, and cost. Specific goals should be determined and compared to the student’s needs. People can study music theory online […]

Best music organizer: how to choose?

When choosing music organization software, consider features like customizable interfaces, sorting options, compatibility with devices and sources, and support for album art and social interaction. Look for software with add-on databases, automatic duplicate detection, and other useful tools. When deciding which music organization software is best for your needs, it helps to make a list […]

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