Best tips for salon shoes?

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Choosing comfortable, supportive, and non-slip salon shoes is important for preventing work-related injuries. Trying on shoes and checking for oil and water resistance, breathable fabric, and color preference can help. Specialty shoe stores and online resources can aid in finding the right fit.

Wearing shoes that offer comfort, durability, and style often works well for anyone working in the salon industry. Choosing shoes that are well-cushioned and supportive, rather than high-heeled shoes, can help prevent work-related stress and injuries, and salon shoes that repel water, grease, and oil can prevent falls. Trying on shoes and walking in them can help ensure a comfortable fit, although buying shoes online will offer a better selection. Individuals who need orthopedic or diabetic shoes may find it helpful to check magazine ads and websites for salon shoes.

When working in a hair salon, it is common to find water and oil on the floor. To avoid tripping, employees should wear salon shoes that offer non-slip soles. However, not all shoes made with non-slip soles offer protection from grease and oil. Some non-skid shoes only repel water. Athletic shoes and cross-trainers can feel comfortable to many, although some styles don’t offer non-slip soles.

Choosing salon shoes that won’t snag your toes and offer breathable fabric are other factors for salon employees to consider. For many, it’s hard to be productive when your feet hurt throughout the day or are damp from perspiration. Also, poorly fitting shoes can cause blisters. While buying shoes online may be convenient for some, it doesn’t allow for the option of trying them on to ensure a perfect fit.

Magazines featuring work uniforms and shoes can be helpful in deciding which styles to choose. Often these beauty and work salons are classified by style, color and size. Those who wear unusually sized or orthopedic shoes may find it helpful to shop at specialty shoe stores.

In addition, some websites provide useful information on choosing the right salon shoes, as well as photos of various styles. Styles like flats, pumps, and oxfords can be made with non-slip, oil-resistant soles. Some styles, however, may not be available in all sizes and widths, or may be available by special order.

Color choice is a matter of preference, although there are some points to consider. Some workers find that white colored salon shoes can be more difficult to keep clean and stay in like-new condition. However, this may not be an issue for some as many materials clean easily. Since spills and messy messes from styling products often land on shoes, choosing salon shoes that wick away moisture is another option to consider.

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