Causes of weight gain during periods?

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Weight gain during menstruation is caused by water retention and food cravings. Women may gain up to 5kg before and during their period, but this weight tends to drop rapidly once the period is over. Avoiding salty food, caffeine, and alcohol can help with water retention. Cravings for high-calorie foods can be offset by a small increase in metabolism. Eating healthy and exercising can help manage symptoms, and there are over-the-counter PMS medications available.

The reason for weight gain over a period is probably related to both water retention and abnormal food cravings. Not all women experience these problems before and during menstruation, but most women probably do. Water retention and food cravings tend to start about a week before a woman’s period occurs. While many women complain of gaining weight during their periods due to these things, they most likely gain no more than 5kg before and during their period. This weight tends to drop rapidly once a woman’s period is over.

Fluid retention is a common cause of weight gain during menstruation. In some cases, water retention stops right when the period begins, but for some women it continues to be a problem until the end of the cycle. Water retention tends to make many women feel bloated and uncomfortable during their monthly cycle, and there are a few things that can make it worse. Most health professionals recommend staying away from salty food before and during your period because salt causes your body to retain more water. Consuming excessive amounts of caffeine and alcohol could also make water retention worse.

Food cravings are another factor that could contribute to weight gain over a period. There are many women who report that they have cravings for excessively sweet, salty, and high-fat foods just before and during their periods. Women who give in to these cravings may notice slight weight gain as a result. Some evidence has shown that during the period of menstruation, a woman’s metabolism could speed up by up to 5-10%. This small increase in metabolism, if it occurs, can help offset any excess weight gained by giving in to cravings for high-calorie foods.

Weight gain over a period is almost never something that becomes a long-term problem. Most women who gain some weight during their menstrual period will likely lose it once their periods are over. Most health professionals advise women who experience excessive water retention or food cravings during menstruation to do their best to eat healthy and get some exercise to offset these symptoms. There are also some over the counter PMS medications that could help a lot in managing menstrual problems.

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