Cheer chants?

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Cheerleading chants are used to inspire players and fans at all levels of sports. They can be simple, like spelling a word, or more complex with rhyming couplets. Some chants are silly or playful, while others focus on school or team pride. They are used during breaks and time outs and are performed by cheerleaders of all ages and levels.

Cheerleading chants are practiced and performed by cheerleaders at all levels, from youth recreational sports to professional soccer and basketball. They often follow rhythmic patterns and are used to inspire players and fans. They may be accompanied by dance or movement, performed in pyramids or while dancing, and often feature spelling or rhyming.

Found at a cheerleading game, rally, or practice, the most typical cheerleading chants can be something as simple as the spelling of a word, such as a player or team name. Simple cheerleading chants can follow this pattern: “Give me a T! Give me an E! Give me an A! Give me an M! Go Team!” These types of chants can be called by a cheerleader, accompanied by lettered signs, or done alone in front of a crowd, in a call-and-response.

More complex cheerleader chants follow patterns and rhythms and can be set up as rhyming couplets. As opposed to a simple “Go, team, win!” sing, more complex cheers can sound something like: “Pride and spirit / Come on team, let’s hear it! / Better than before / Because we want it more!” These cheerleading chants are not usually done with stunts and may feature the cheerleaders lining up, waving pom-poms, clapping, or moving in formations.

Other cheerleading chants may have nothing to do with the team or the game and serve as a source of extra adrenaline for fans, players, and cheerleaders alike. These songs can be silly or funny and are usually performed with boisterous dancing or playful cheers. An example is: “You’re good and I’m not pretending/ I won’t turn you into bacon/ Give me a pig/ What’s that spell? Piggy!”

Cheerleader chants can take the form of a school song or cheer, such as “Fight on, ole’ East High School/ Fight with steam!/ Fight, fight, cheer on our high school team!” They may feature points of school or team pride, or they may playfully insult or make fun of a scorned rival. They can be a simple need to get rowdy, and some cheerleader chants don’t even contain actual words, like a simple “Rah, rah rah!”

Cheerleader chants like these are usually reserved for interludes, breaks, and time outs during a competition. They can be performed on the sidelines of a football game or out of bounds on a basketball court during action, or on the field of play to cheer fans on during boring time outs. They are used by girls or boys on eight- or 10-year recreational squads, learned and practiced by high school cheerleaders, and performed competitively by collegiate-level cheerleaders. Even the most popular cheerleading squad in the world, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, use cheerleading chants during games and appearances.

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