What’re pom poms?

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Pom poms are soft balls made of strings of material tied to a handle. They are used in cheerleading and crafts, with different spellings. Cheerleading pom poms are made of plastic and sold to fans. In competitions, teams are judged on their artistic use of pom poms. Young children should not play with pom poms due to choking hazards. Crepe paper can be used to make safe pom poms for babies.

Pom poms are strings of material tied to a central handle to form a sort of soft ball. Notably seen in cheerleading sports, pom poms are also used in craft projects or sewing projects, although spellings typically differentiate the term. Pom poms, with or without a hyphen, are the spelling widely used for crafts or sewing, and these pom poms are usually made of yarn. In cheerleading sports, you will most frequently see the spelling pom-poms above pom-poms.

The strings of cheerleading pom poms are typically made of plastic, sometimes shiny, and in any variety of colors and sizes. Much like foam fingers, pom poms are often sold to fans and spectators at major sporting events. In the sport of cheerleading, pompoms are part of the full package. From the viewer’s point of view, they add visual appeal to a cheer routine. Cheerleaders need to incorporate pom-poms into their routine and learn to time their movements with each member of the cheerleading squad so that visual appeal is amplified.

If you’ve ever seen a cheerleading squad perform at a sporting event, you’ve surely noticed how their pom-poms add flare to their routine. However, at competitive levels, pompoms play a more complex role. In a competition, a team must perform certain elements required in each part of their routine. Some elements require the use of pompoms and the team will be judged on their artistic use, number of tosses and catches, and so on.

In cheerleading sport, pompoms are used on the younger teams. Even kids too young to be cheerleaders are drawn to pom poms because they’re decorative and usually shiny, not to mention they make an intriguing sound when shaken. However, young children should not be given pom-poms as toys because the strings can come loose and break, posing a choking hazard. For babies old enough to avoid mouthing or chewing on objects, you can make pom poms for play by cutting strips of crepe paper into narrow strips, folding them in half, and tying them with string about 3cm from the fold. Make sure you’re using enough strips to create the fullness you want.

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