Fantasy football draft strategy tips?

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To succeed in fantasy football, owners need an effective draft strategy. Two main styles are traditional and auction drafts. Tips for traditional drafts include selecting running backs early and avoiding panic picks. Tips for auction drafts include setting budgets and hiding interest in players. Resources are available to develop a strategy.

For an owner to be successful in fantasy football, it is imperative to have an effective fantasy football draft strategy. There are two main drafting styles used by most fantasy leagues. The first is the traditional draft in which owners take turns selecting players in a predetermined order until each owner has filled their roster.
The second style of player selection is the auction. In an auction, owners are given a certain amount of money, known as the salary cap, in order to acquire players. An owner can bid on any player at any time until he runs out of money. Both styles are very different, so it’s important to keep the league draft style in mind when creating a fantasy soccer draft strategy.

Traditional draft tips:
• If possible, an owner should try to do a test draft before the actual draft day. Many fantasy football websites allow an owner to do this for free.

• Select running backs with the first two picks. Running backs are the backbone of a fictional team as they are the players who consistently score the most runs for their owners. Having a solid group of running backs can greatly increase a team’s chances of success.

• Select a defense and a kicker with the last two picks.
• Don’t panic or overdo it. In most drafts, there is a point where players of the same position begin to be drafted in quick succession. This leads many owners to draft a lesser player in a higher round out of fear. Surplus owners can miss out on great opportunities to recruit a high quality player in another position.

• Fantasies holders should avoid having too many players in their squad sharing the same week off.

Auction draft tips:

• Set a budget per position and stay within budget as much as possible. Many owners choose to spend a large percentage of their budget on “star” players, hampering their ability to fill their roster with other quality players.

• Owners should avoid bidding only on players they are interested in. This allows the owner to hide which players he is really interested in. Part of the fantasy football draft strategy in an auction is to make other owners pay more for a player than they wanted. When other league owners notice that an owner is only bidding on those players they want to draft, they can try to drive up the prices on those players.

• A landlord should consider the offer at the last second. The owner who is able to hide his interest in a player may be able to acquire a player at a bargain price with a last second offer.
• Spend wisely during the auction. Many owners spend a large portion of their budget upfront, hampering their ability to bid on players later in the draft. This allows owners with room under the salary cap the opportunity to select quality players at rock bottom prices.
• An owner should plan to use the entire budget. Any money left at the end of the auction is simply wasted.
In addition to these basic tips, there are many resources available to the owner looking to develop an effective fantasy football draft strategy. There are a wide variety of publications available for purchase with detailed information on hundreds of players and all 32 teams in the National Football League. There are also thousands of websites dedicated to fantasy football, offering a wealth of information to fantasy football owners.

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