What’s Fantasy Football?

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Fantasy football is a game where participants use real football players and teams to compete against each other. It was created in 1962 and has since grown into a multi-million dollar industry with many variations. The season usually begins with a draft and teams can swap players throughout the season. The teams with the best records advance to the playoffs and a championship game where the winner can receive cash or prizes.

In the game of fantasy football, participants use the statistics of real football players and teams to compete against each other in a season of their own. There are many different ways the game can be played and a huge variety of rules that govern how different leagues conduct their competition.
The earliest known fantasy football game was created by a man named Wilfred “Bill” Winkenbach in 1962. He and several others created an eight-team league where players drafted real football players from the AFL to their team fantasy. The “owners” of the eight teams would choose a limited number of players from their rosters to compete head-to-head each week. Points were awarded to each player for matching scores in actual AFL games and the winners were awarded money from a pool of all players.

This is still one of the basic ways in which the game of fantasy football is played today, and there are a great multitude of variations. One of the major differences today is the use of the internet, which has been responsible for the massive popularity of the sport and has grown it into a multi-million dollar industry. Gamers today no longer need to keep track of all the complex details involved in playing fantasy football as there are many services, both free and paid, that can do this for them. Most fantasy leagues use the NFL for their season, but there are many fantasy arena football leagues as well.

A fantasy football league can consist of any number of teams that play head-to-head each week or score cumulative points throughout the season. The season usually begins before the football season with a draft in which all teams in a given league get to pick their players based on various guidelines. Typically, soccer players who are picked first are expected to do particularly well with their teams. Throughout the season, leagues usually offer the ability to swap fantasy football players between different teams. There are also free agents — players who have never been drafted or been waived by their owner during the season — who can be obtained in-game.

Once the season begins, teams are expected to start different combinations of running backs, wide receivers, quarterbacks, defensive teams, and other players each week. The teams with the best records or the most cumulative points usually advance to the playoff rounds and sometimes a championship game where the winner can receive cash, prizes, or just bragging rights.

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