Father’s Day gift ideas?

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Get Dad a Father’s Day gift he’ll love, like sports tickets, a DVD, a CD, a model car, a digital camera, computer upgrades, power tools, or a massage. Consider a gift certificate too.

Okay, Dad probably got enough Father’s Day ties, socks and handkerchiefs to last him for many years to come, so get him a Father’s Day gift this year that he’s really going to love. If Dad likes sports, he considers buying him tickets to a sporting event with his favorite team. If he’s a fan of action movies, buy him a good movie on DVD. If he doesn’t have a DVD player yet, there’s another Father’s Day gift idea.

Think about the things your dad likes when shopping for a Father’s Day gift. If he loves music, consider buying a CD or a collection of his favorite artist. Is he a racing enthusiast? He may want to build a model car, especially if you spend some time helping him put it together. A digital camera is also a great choice and dad will enjoy taking tons of pictures of his children or grandchildren.

Maybe dad likes computer games. See if you can find an expansion or later version of his favorite title. Speaking of computers, maybe Dad’s system could use a little upgrade. Fix it this Father’s Day by swapping out parts, adding memory, or buying him great software.

Power tools make great Father’s Day gifts. It doesn’t even matter if your dad already has a garage full of them. There is always some new tool or gadget that will make his life easier or is just fun to use. You’ll find that many power tools go on sale around Father’s Day.

While you’re at the home improvement center looking at the tools, consider picking up a gift certificate. The dad can then choose the gift for Father’s Day. He’ll probably enjoy wandering the aisles and finding the perfect item as much as he’ll enjoy using it.

Another great idea is a massage. Check with salons, spas, and chiropractic offices in your area, or near your father’s home or workplace, to see if they employ a professional massage therapist or massage therapist. Most offer gift cards for half an hour to an hour. What dad doesn’t love a nice massage on Father’s Day?

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