Fly Fishing: What is it?

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Fly fishing uses an artificial fly instead of traditional bait. Dry fly fishing is the most classic form, while nymph fishing is more challenging. Trout, salmon, and char are common catches. Fly fishing is a popular and relaxing pastime that is environmentally conscious.

Fly fishing is a type of fishing that involves the use of an artificial fly. It differs from traditional fishing methods in that fly fishermen cast a hook which generally has pieces of feathers, fur, foam, thread or other similar material attached with thread to form what is referred to as a “fly”, instead of using worms or other baits.
The best known and most classic form of fly fishing is the so-called dry fly fishing. The fisherman uses an artificial fly, which he casts so that it floats on the water. The fly will hover over the fish, which will hopefully get up and bite it. The fisherman then tries to control the fish’s attempts to escape, tiring it so much that he takes it into the water to be retrieved with a landing net. Many anglers prefer this type of fly fishing because everything can be seen: the angler casts a fish that he can see, the fly is easily visible on the surface of the water and he can see the fish catch the fly. The only downside to this is that trout and other fish tend to feed underwater, and therefore aren’t as likely to come and get a dry fly.

The second form of fly fishing is the so-called nymph fishing. When the flies lay their eggs in the river or lake, the eggs hatch as nymphs, which work their way to the surface, where they hatch into a fly. Therefore, nymph fishing uses imitations of several nymphs that are weighted down to stay below the water’s surface. This type of fishing is often considered more challenging, as all the action takes place below the surface.

While most types of fish can be caught on the fly, the most common are trout, salmon, char, and most game fish. Trout are by far the most popular, as trout feed and live in shallow water and eat small insects.
Fly fishing has become an increasingly popular sport and most anglers will agree that it is not just about catching fish. Some anglers would even consider fly fishing to be something of a religion, and most view it as a relaxing pastime that can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life. It will also appeal to the environmentally conscious as it is less harmful to fish than many other techniques and most anglers return their catch.

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