Hide & seek: a sport?

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Teams from around the world participated in the World Championship of Hide-and-Seek near Consonno, Italy. Players have 60 seconds to hide and evade a team of seekers. Mucche Arrosto from Bergamo, Italy won the Golden Fico Leaf. The event takes place near an abandoned resort town transformed into “Italy’s Las Vegas” in the 1960s by Count Mario Bagno. The area was damaged by a landslide in 1976 and abandoned. The event also features a food and music festival.

Earlier this month, 80 teams from around the world participated in the latest game of hide-and-seek, officially known as the World Championship of Hide-and-Seek. Now in its eighth year, the three-day event concluded on 10 September 2017. For the third time, the event took place near the abandoned resort town of Consonno at the foot of the Alps in northern Italy. In the game, players have 60 seconds to find hideouts, then must evade a team of prospectors and return to their home base, which is marked by a large air mattress. This year, the team that took home the Golden Fico Leaf (named after the biblical symbol of hiding) was Mucche Arrosto from Bergamo, Italy.

Ready or not, here they come!

In the early 1960s, Count Mario Bagno built up Consonno, transforming a small farming community into a flamboyant collection of eclectic buildings and creating what he called “Italy’s Las Vegas”.
In 1976 a landslide overwhelmed the area, damaging buildings and access roads. Consonno never recovered and was then abandoned.
“The beauty of the event is that adults become children again for the weekend”, affirms the organizer of the event Giorgio Moratti. The Hide and Seek World Championship also features a food and music festival as well as a giant game of hide and seek.

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