How to excel at archery?

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Matt Stutzman, born without arms, holds the Guinness World Record for the longest accurate shot with a bow and arrow at 310 yards. He uses his feet to shoot and won a silver medal at the 2012 Paralympics. He activates the release aid with his jaw.

American archer Matt Stutzman holds the Guinness World Record for the longest accurate shot with a bow and arrow. In 2015, Stutzman broke his own 2011 record by accurately hitting a target 310 yards (283 m) away using a compound bow, and no one has bettered that mark since, not even arm archers. Stutzman was born without arms and grew up using his feet for nearly every imaginable task, including using a bow and arrow. Stutzman originally began shooting arrows to hunt and provide food for his family, before taking his archery skills all the way to the podium at the Paralympic Games.

Take a bow, Matt Stutzman:

At the 2012 Paralympics in London, Stutzman won a silver medal in the men’s individual compound event. At the Rio 2016 Paralympics she lost in the round of 16 and is now preparing for the 16 Paralympics in Tokyo.
How does a person with no arms shoot arrows? He takes an arrow with his left foot, maneuvers it around the bowstring, and then draws his right foot away from his chest. It is now locked and loaded.
To release the arrow, Stutzman uses a belt stretched around his chest. The belt contains a release aid that he activates with his jaw, using pressure similar to clicking on a computer mouse.

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