Hydraulic Coating: What is it?

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Plumbing trim is the decorative finishing touch applied to plumbing fixtures, often made of shiny materials to hide imperfections. Some trims serve functional purposes, such as creating a watertight seal. Modern designs are available in a variety of metals.

Plumbing trim, just like the trim work for any building, joinery, or cabinetry trim, is often the last of a fixture’s applied parts. Most often done to look like a decorative piece, plumbing trim usually consists of shiny, untouched pieces of any type of plumbing work. Nearly all plumbing applications in a residential setting have some form of coating. This coating is often used to hide imperfections in the plumbing application being used.

An example of such a coating can be found on the bottom of a bathroom sink, around the drain pipe. A PVC or metal drain pipe that has been routed through the wall and has multiple solder joints in it can look a little unsightly. When the pipes come to the underside of the sink bowl, they are often attached to a plumbing trim piece that makes the pipe appear to be manufactured from stainless steel and that fits snugly into the sink opening.

Another example of a trim used in plumbing fixtures is the faucet assembly itself, on the back of most sinks. The faucet is simply an embellished valve, which is connected to the supply pipe. Due to people’s desire to have things that are aesthetically pleasing, the pipe is not shown and instead has a decorative faucet installed over it.

While most of the elements that make up the common forms of plumbing trims are simply a way to beautify the functional parts of a plumbing system, there are some examples of trims that serve a more purpose than just being pleasing to the eye. Some hydraulic trim pieces are actually threaded or mated to the supply pipes in some applications. An example is the sink ring that is threaded into the drain pipe. The ring creates a watertight seal on the bottom of the sink bowl; these are the most common examples of functional plumbing finishes.

With the number of different applications that plumbing can be used in and the number of materials from which plumbing supplies can be made, it is no wonder that there are always new and more modern designs available in the world of plumbing design. Plumbing trim, especially working plumbing trim, can come in a variety of metals. Common examples are brushed nickel and sterling silver. They can also be made simply out of steel, as in most industrial plumbing applications.

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