Juggling + sports: possible?

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Jogging, a sport that involves running while juggling at least three balls, was invented by Bill Giduz in 1975. It quickly gained popularity and now has a World Joggling Competition held annually. Juggling dates back to ancient Egypt, and Enrico Rastelli is considered the greatest juggler in history. Scarves are often recommended for beginners.

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but for Bill Giduz, novelty is a close relative. Apparently needing to do more than just master the art of juggling, Giduz ran three balls down a running track at North Carolina State University in 1975 and invented a new sport: jogging. The rules are simple, though mastery is undoubtedly a handful. Participants must jog or run while maintaining a juggling pattern with at least three balls. If they drop a ball, they can pick it up and start over. The new sport quickly attracted attention, and in 1980, Giduz organized a jogging event at the International Jugglers Association festival. It caught on, and now the World Joggling Competition is held annually at the festival, featuring an assortment of running competitions. In fact, the sport has even been recognized by Guinness World Records, which currently lists Boston University student Zach Prescott as the record holder in the mile, running around the course with an impressive time of 4:43:02. There are also jogging records over many other distances, including the 100m sprint, marathon and 4 x 400m relay.

Juggling with some facts:

The earliest known depiction of juggling appears on the walls of an Egyptian tomb dating back to about 2,000 BC.
Italian acrobat and performer Enrico Rastelli is often considered the greatest juggler in history; Vanity Fair credits him with elevating juggling to an art form.
Juggling beginners are often encouraged to start with scarves.

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