What’re Devil Sticks?

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Devil sticks are juggling sticks with two side sticks and a center stick manipulated by the side sticks. The center stick can be weighted or have a soft end. Devil sticks have an ancient history and can be used by multiple jugglers. They may also be called flower sticks or crystal sticks. Tutorials and demonstrations can be found online, and classes may be offered at community centers or exercise groups.

Devil sticks are types of juggling sticks consisting of two side sticks and a center stick manipulated by the side sticks. The central stick of the devil can be weighted or have a soft end. It is usually never held and gets its momentum from the careful movement of the side sticks.
A juggler using devil sticks can be quite impressive, as he works with the center stick. Modern jugglers may use center sticks with more decoration or with fringed or tasseled ends. The most eye-catching are the devil sticks used where the two ends of the central stick are on fire. The center stick can be thrown, caught, spun, come dangerously close to the juggler, or be manipulated from side to side, depending on the skill of the juggler.

Sometimes juggling acts use multiple devil stick jugglers. Jugglers can use a central stick and pass it back and forth, or they can use several sticks and throw them at each other with astonishing speed.
Devil sticks enjoy an ancient history in the world of juggling. Evidence of this form of juggling exists in drawings on Egyptian tombs. The current thought is that devil stick juggling may have initially been based in Africa, and then perhaps progressed to India and China on the Silk Road.

The origin of the name Devil Sticks is a little more difficult to determine. Devil sticks may also be called flower sticks, perhaps due to the tassels on the end of the center sticks, crystal sticks, or sometimes they may be called by a registered or patented name such as Lunastix®.

You can find devil stick juggling tutorials and demonstrations on many Internet sites. There are also a number of books and DVDs that can help you master the basics of this form of juggling. Some community centers or exercise groups may also offer juggling classes, which may cover working with devil sticks.

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