Silicone swim caps?

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Silicone swim caps are flexible, durable, and comfortable to wear. They protect hair from chlorine and increase swimming speed for competitive swimmers. They also prevent clogging of pool drains and are a good alternative to latex for those with allergies. Swim caps are no longer mandatory in most pools.

Silicone swim caps are very different from the rubber swim caps worn in the 1920s, which looked a bit like a helmet. These swim caps don’t just keep your hair dry. They are sleek, stylish and don’t pull your hair out when you take it out.
Although swim caps are made from a variety of materials, silicone swim caps are popular because they are very flexible and can stretch up to twice their size, making them easy to remove after a swim. Contrast this with the old-fashioned cap, which sometimes gets caught in your hair, causing both embarrassment and pain. These old-fashioned caps could snag so much in long hair that they had to be cut.

The silicone swim caps are also durable and soft, making them comfortable to wear during a swim. Silicone allows your head to breathe and these swim caps are a good alternative to latex swim caps for those who are allergic to latex.

Bathing caps can be worn to keep hair dry and protect it from the strong chlorine in swimming pools. This can be especially important for color-treated hair because chlorine can be very damaging to your perm or hair color. Silicone swim caps can also help keep water out of your ears due to the snug fit they provide. The caps also offer protection to pool drains so they don’t get clogged with hair. Years ago, swimming caps were often mandatory for women in swimming pools, but most pools no longer require them.

Another benefit of silicone swim caps is a good secure fit, which is important for competitive swimmers. Professional swimmers wear swimming caps not only to protect their hair, but also to increase their swimming speed. When swimming competitively every second counts and hair can slow down your swim time due to hydrodynamic drag, commonly referred to as “drag”. You can basically swim faster when wearing a swimming cap.

Swim caps have come and gone in the fashion scene, but they will always have a function, especially in competitive swimming. As long as swimmers want to protect their hair and/or increase swimming speed and pool owners want to keep their pools hair-free, the swim cap will be available.

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