What’s a swim cap?

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Swim caps are worn by recreational and competitive swimmers to keep hair out of the face, protect hair from chlorine or sea salt, and reduce body heat loss. They come in silicone or latex, are stretchy, and fit different head sizes. They can tear easily and may not keep hair completely dry. Designer swim caps may feature additional decorations. Swim caps should be rinsed in cold water after use and hung up to dry to prevent mold and mildew.

A swim cap is a silicone or latex headgear worn by recreational and competitive swimmers. Bathing caps are also called bathing caps. Keeping hair out of the face, protecting hair from chlorine or sea salt, and reducing body heat loss are said to be some of the benefits of wearing a swimming cap. Competitive swim caps are also designed to create less drag in the water.

The bathing caps cover the entire head from the forehead to behind the ears to the nape of the neck. Both types of silicone and latex swim caps are stretchy and made to fit different head sizes. Some swim caps even fit kids and adults. A swim cap is not usually recommended for children under the age of four. Many children’s swim caps feature fun designs in bright colors.

Adult swim caps are also colorful and may feature graphic designs. Silicone caps are usually more vivid in color than latex styles. They can also be more comfortable and last longer than latex swim caps. Also, silicone is a more breathable fabric. A latex cap is often less expensive than a silicone one and can be ideal for occasional use.

Both latex and silicone headphones tend to tear easily from contact with objects such as bobby pins or sharp nails. A cap may be easier to put on if your hair is wet. However, many swimming caps do not keep hair completely dry as air pockets can form in the cap while swimming. Shorter hair is usually easier to manage when wearing a cap, but longer hair may fit the cap better if it is twisted into a bun first.

Designer swim caps for women may feature additional decorations such as latex or silicone flower petals. A headset may or may not have a chin strap. Competition caps may be printed with team colors and logos, but otherwise have as minimal a design as possible. Like swimwear, swim caps should be rinsed in cold water after use and hung up to dry. Damp swim caps are prone to mold and mildew, so a swim cap should always be completely dry before being placed in a drawer or sports bag.

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