What’s a Baked Brie Pastry?

Baked shortcrust pastry with cream cheese and brie can be made sweet or savory. Personal creativity can be used to make a signature treat, and ingredients like fresh herbs, fruit preserves, nuts, and mushrooms can be added. Store-bought pastry can be used for convenience. The cooks know how to reach for a round of brie […]

Best tips for serving chicken & Brie?

Chicken and brie are a perfect pairing for salads, soups, and main courses. When purchasing brie, ensure it is ripe but not discolored or smelly. Chicken with brie can be combined with sweet or savory flavors, and substitutions can be made. Recipes include a summer salad, spinach salad with grilled chicken and melted brie, and […]

Best tips for Brie and wine?

Brie and wine are a popular combination, best served at room temperature with complementary foods like crackers, fruit, and bread. Quality brie has a ripening guide and should be served in individual wedges with the rind removed based on personal preference. Serve with cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, chardonnay, pinot blanc, or sparkling wines and champagne. […]

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