How are military operation names chosen?

Military operation names have evolved since WWII, with the US Army using two-word combinations for patriotic titles. Vietnam War era names were randomly generated, but now names are chosen based on public perception and sense of purpose. The NICKA system is still used, but more inspiring names are preferred. There is a method behind generating […]

How are households chosen for Nielsen ratings?

The Nielsen ratings system tracks the TV viewing habits of selected households in the US and other countries to determine ratings. Monitoring equipment is installed on TVs, and diaries are used to supplement information. Ratings are used by advertisers and content providers to tailor advertising and programming. Highly anticipated programs are aired during “sweep” weeks […]

Do prizes chosen hold more value than given ones?

People value self-chosen awards more than those given to them, even if they are equivalent. Self-chosen rewards increase dopamine levels, strengthening neural pathways and causing repeated rewarding behaviors in the future. According to 2014 research from Brown University, people value awards chosen for themselves rather than those given to them, even if the award given […]

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