What’s an enabling law?

Enabling laws grant authority for certain actions. In the US, they allowed territories to become states. In Germany, the Enabling Act of 1933 gave Hitler dictatorial powers, leading to the Holocaust. An enabling law is a law passed by a legislative body to grant authority for some type of action. Many constitutions state that such […]

Best tips for enabling JavaScript®?

JavaScript is usually enabled by default, but if it’s disabled, it can be enabled through browser settings. Enabling JavaScript can affect browsing experience, but specific settings can control its actions. It’s an advanced setting usually found under “scripts and plug-ins” in the browser’s advanced setup submenu. The best advice for enabling JavaScript® is to realize […]

Enabling vs. supporting: where’s the line?

The meanings of words change over time, with “enable” now seen negatively as encouraging self-destructive behavior, while “support” retains its original meaning of helping achieve a useful goal. The difference between enabling and supporting is defined by the context of the situation. The original meanings of words tend to change over time, occasionally taking on […]

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