What’s EDM (electrical discharge machining)?

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a method used for hard, conductive metals to create intricate shapes using electrical discharges between an electrode and workpiece. Two methods, ram and wire, are used with a fluid bath to wash away material and prevent damage. Wire EDM uses a computer-controlled wire to cut complex shapes and is commonly […]

What’s Machining?

Machining is a metalworking technique that involves cutting away materials to alter the shape and look of a product. It is used to create fine and detailed objects that cannot be achieved through casting and molding techniques. Machining involves drilling, turning, milling, and grinding. It is part of a larger manufacturing process that includes design, […]

What’s CNC Machining Software?

CNC machining software controls industrial machinery using precise numerical instructions. The software has evolved with technology, but the basic principle remains the same. Different types of CNC machines exist, and the software is custom integrated with each machine. The software allows for creative design and remote prototyping. Home/garage CNC machines are also available, including 3D […]

What’s CNC Machining Software?

CNC machining software controls industrial machinery using precise numerical instructions. The software has evolved with technological advancements, allowing for greater processing power and user interfaces. Different types of CNC machines exist, each with their own specific software integration. The software allows for creative design and remote prototyping. CNC machining software is an operator program interface […]

What’s Electrochem. Machining?

Electrochemical Machining (ECM) is a metalworking process that removes material from a workpiece by electrochemical erosion. A high current charge passes from the workpiece to the cathode, eroding the workpiece at a molecular level to form a cut that follows the shape of the cathode. ECM offers benefits such as cutting complex internal contours and […]

What’s Abrasive Flow Machining?

Abrasive flow machining (AFM) is an industrial process that uses a specialized polymer with added abrasives to smooth and polish the internal surfaces of metal objects. AFM equipment can be single or dual flow, with the latter delivering a more even and smoother result. AFM is commonly used in finishing parts that require smooth internal […]

What’s Vertical CNC Machining?

Vertical CNC machining is a computer-controlled process that uses vertically oriented power tools to perform operations such as milling and drilling. CNC machines are guided by CAD programs and require minimal operator intervention, producing high levels of accuracy. The process is suitable for a variety of operations and offers benefits such as consistency and minimal […]

What’s Ultrasonic Machining?

Ultrasonic machining uses a slurry of abrasive liquid to remove material from a workpiece. The tool vibrates against the abrasives, causing them to attack the workpiece. The process is ideal for fragile materials and requires a softer, more plastic tool than standard machining. Ultrasonic machining is a grinding method that uses an abrasive liquid rather […]

What’s a CNC Machining Center?

CNC machining centers produce parts and molds for industry using solid materials like metals and plastics. They have evolved from manual milling machines and can work in different axes. They require technical training for programming and operation and are often used for mass-produced parts. A computer numerical control (CNC) machining center is used to produce […]

Types of CNC machining tools?

CNC machining tools are computer-controlled machines used for cutting, grinding, and drilling. They include routers, lathes, and drilling machines, as well as EDM machines, laser cutters, and waterjet profiling machines. The main component is the machine control unit, which reads instructions and sends motion commands to operate the axis mechanisms. CNC machining tools are used […]

What’s machining?

A job involves performing work tasks while on vacation, often relying on limited free time. It’s important to balance work and leisure, explore the location, and plan time to rest. Taking work on a planned vacation can be disappointing, but setting a schedule and dedicating time to relaxation can help. Vacations are important for rest […]

What’s abrasive machining?

Abrasive machining uses small grains called grit to scrape hard surfaces, allowing for polishing, cutting, and reshaping of materials. Bonded and loose abrasives are used for different applications, with abrasive waterjet machining using pressurized water as an alternative to solid grit. Different grades of abrasives allow for tailored use in precision work. Abrasive machining is […]

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