Lathe milling attachment: what is it?

Lathe milling attachments combine lathe shaping with milling drilling and finishing. They are smaller than milling machines and mostly used by hobbyists. Router accessories work with wood or metal, but are typically made for metal. Lathe milling attachments are usually manual and can be equipped with different bits for versatility. A lathe milling attachment is […]

What’s Metal Milling?

Metal milling shapes, cuts, and punches metal parts using milling machines. Newer technology uses computer numerical control (CNC) processes. Metal milling is a crucial component of manufacturing metal products and employs around 70 million people worldwide. The process can produce flat surfaces or complex three-dimensional shapes using various cutting bits. It is an expensive process […]

What’s a milling file?

Milling files remove small pieces of material from a workpiece and are commonly used for deburring. They come in various sizes, shapes, and materials for different jobs, with rectangular cross-sections and different tooth configurations. They can also be used for sharpening and other finishing work. A milling file is a tool used in both woodworking […]

What’s a milling machine?

A milling machine is used in metalworking to shape solid products by cutting off excess material. It can cut a variety of metals and can be operated manually or digitally. It contains a spindle axis, work table, and milling cutter. CNC milling machines offer greater flexibility and accuracy. A milling machine is a tool found […]

What’s Jet Milling?

Jet milling uses compressed air or gas to impact fine particles, reducing them in size to produce powders. It is used in industries such as plastics, pharmaceuticals, and explosives. Jet milling equipment can be expensive, but it offers advantages over other methods. Challenges include controlling particle size and energy efficiency. The method is growing in […]

What’s shaft milling?

Shaft milling is a high-speed metalworking process that uses a rotating blade to cut or shape raw materials. It can be used for various applications and requires little finishing. The machine can run at any angle and is commonly used in the automotive and aeronautical industries. The process is suitable for most materials with a […]

What’s cryo milling?

Cryogenic grinding uses liquid nitrogen, argon, or carbon dioxide to freeze materials before breaking them into smaller particles. The equipment must handle extreme temperatures and use a single moving part design. This method is used in manufacturing and biology to process soft materials and extract nucleic acids from tissue samples. Cryogenic grinding is a process […]

What’s face milling?

Milling machines use specialized cutting tools to cut and shape materials. Face milling rotates the cutting tool perpendicular to the object’s face, allowing for quick shaping of large surfaces. Special blades with diamond or titanium coatings are used for precision cuts. Milling machines use specialized cutting tools to cut and shape materials such as wood […]

What’s Chem Milling?

Chemical milling is a metal removal process using chemical solutions to remove large amounts of metal for parts that cannot be easily machined. It is widely used in the aerospace industry due to precision engineering requirements. The process is simple and cost-effective, with advantages including low capital costs, rapid weight reduction, and minimal need for […]

Types of rice milling machines?

Rice is processed using milling machines to produce different types of rice. The process involves separating debris, hulling, husking, and polishing. Combined machines can produce brown and white rice efficiently. Rice is one of the most consumed edible grains. For rice to be suitable for human consumption, it has to be processed in a number […]

Types of milling tools?

Milling machines use different types of milling tools for specific applications, including end mills, slot cutters, roughing cutters, slab cutters, hollow cutters, ball nose cutters, wood cutters, and involute gear cutters. Each tool is designed to run a specific application quickly and efficiently, and several tools may be required to shape and finish a single […]

What’s prototyping milling?

Prototype milling is a process where a three-dimensional CNC milling machine cuts a prototype model from various materials based on a digital model created by the design team. This process saves time and money during product development and allows designers to evaluate and demonstrate the product. The materials used vary depending on the expected level […]

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