Writing a postgrad CV? Tips!

An undergraduate curriculum vitae should include contact information, educational accomplishments, teaching and research experience, grants, publications, conference presentations, professional activities, and references. It should also highlight teaching and research interests. When writing an undergraduate curriculum vitae, certain information must be included. The document should begin with detailed contact information, along with a comprehensive list of […]

Types of postgrad qualifications?

Postgraduate qualifications include doctorates, master’s degrees, and postgraduate diplomas. Doctorates require intensive research and are the highest academic achievement. Master’s degrees involve completing modules and a dissertation, while postgraduate diplomas are similar to master’s degrees without the dissertation. A postgraduate qualification is the culmination of a higher education programme, usually undertaken at an accredited academic […]

Postgrad student housing options?

Graduate student housing options include on-campus dormitories or off-campus apartments. Living on-campus may involve working as a Director of Residence for reduced rent. Financial aid may be available for certain housing options. Off-campus living offers more versatility and cost-saving options, but careful consideration of roommates is necessary. Some universities offer reduced off-campus rentals or help […]

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